Standing Desk Situation

I like standing.

I've been standing in front of my computers for a few years now, and while my feet might feel tired at the end of the day, my back and hips are less stiff.
This is anecdotal, I'm not going to tell you that you're going to get bowel cancer if you sit in a chair.
Obligatory xkcd link on standing desks.
I just want to put up a quick post with some (hopefully) inspiring pics of standing desks in the real world that don't cost thousands of dollars or involve weird Ikea kung-fu.

For my desk at work, I spent about $15 at the hardware store on a cheap, plastic bookshelf.
I first tried the supports at their original length and then cut them so I could get the tops of my monitors level with my eyes, and my keyboard resting where I had a 90-degree bend in my elbows.
Here's where I ended up:

work stand up desk

I liked standing enough that I commissioned a friend to build me a bespoke standing desk for my home office (pardon my mess, but do check out his more glamorous projects over at the Priceless Projects on Facebook):

bespoke stand up desk

While I'm at it, a sysadmin friend sent along his setup.
He started with a trial version using boxes found around his building (notice the fish-eye mirror for the truly security conscious; no chance of shoulder-surfers stealing passwords):
stand up desk of friend, hobo version

And then he made it a little snazzier:
stand up desk of friend, final version

With no more chair, I think PEBKAC has to become PEBCAF.