Open science

Can science get more open?
I mean really in the open.

Peer reviewed publications came about as a way to disseminate and review knowledge. That's great but their time may have passed.
I think a decent web platform can do all of that and more for science. Maybe the process of science can even be sped up at the same time. Does Moore's law apply to science?

If the goal is to publish peer reviewed and repeatable results, why is that delayed until the end of the process?
If there were a wiki, a blog, a data API...really just a basic web publication platform, then the whole world can peer review and recreate results even as the science happens. Really, no one cares, but the cream would rise and like minded collaborators could more easily find each other.

Would it really be so bad for the masses to witness the real pursuit of knowledge (should they care to tune in)? It might benefit a few more people than those who can afford a subscription to the dead tree edition of New England Journal of Medicine.

What does the IT infrastructure look like in a typical lab? Are there any easy wins for a standard/secure web interface over whatever on-site IT that's typical in a lab? Where to start?...a few choice research projects
would probably go a long way toward more general extrapolation...after all, this is pretty much how some of the open-source CMS platforms were born out of newsrooms. What does the LHC use in the way of data management and
The web was invented by some guy at CERN who was hoping for a better way to share scientific documents.

The "file drawer effect" came up on a recent episode of my very own podcast, At Least You're Trying.
I hadn't heard this term before, so my co-host had to explain to me that it's the pattern where non-splashy/non-sexy research is relegated to the file drawer instead going through the publication process.
I would much rather take the file drawer effect and turn it on it's head; the entire world needs access to once giant internet file drawer.

Here's a step in the right direction:
Academic Torrents

Now we just need a snappy name...
WWF?...No, name collisions with wresting and wildlife.
Global file drawer?
I'll workshop it.